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In order to meet the changing situation of power market and the needs of company transformation and development, the problems of multi-system coexistence, absence of new standards, cumbersome business processes and overlapping systems are solved. The Beibu Gulf of CITIC regards the optimization of the integrated management system as an annual key work. It has selected the key elites from various departments to set up a professional optimization working group to carry out the optimization of the integrated system in an all-round way.

Comparing with the management requirements of the state, industry standards, national development investment company and state investment company, the Beibu Gulf of CITIC is based on the study of basic social standards, guided by the excellent management mode of the group's Party building, and based on the quality management system, which integrates the environment, occupational health, energy, NOSA management and safety standards in an all-round way. Standardization, internal control and management of the major social standards system, as well as the State Investment Power Safety and Health Environment Management System and the State Investment Power Management Manual, after half a year of efforts to integrate and optimize the "7+2+1" comprehensive management system covering the four management sequences of the Party, Government and Work Group.

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